NESNA Homes and Their Owners

Here is a downloadable map of the area we define as that of the Northfield Eastside Neighborhood Association  (NESNA).   You can see that the boundaries are 1st Street   on the North,  Washington Street on the West,  7th Street on the South,  and Prairie Street on the East.  The small numbers in blue are street addresses.    Those areas marked with blue highlight are not single family residences;   they may be rental properties, business and church addresses,  or properties owned by Carlelton College.   The numbers in red are used to  identify those blocks shown later with their home photos.     This information is all public, and is obtained from

Once you’ve identified the block you’re interested in from the map,   you can then go to that block for the downloadable photos and names of owners.   Photos for each block begin in the upper left corner of the block and proceed clockwise.

NESNA Map            BLOCK 11 & 12         BLOCK 21         BLOCK 29

Blocks 1 & 2                 BLOCK 13                  BLOCK 22         BLOCK 30

BLOCK 3                      BLOCK 14                  BLOCK 23         BLOCK 31

Blocks 4 & 6                BLOCK 15                  BLOCK 24         BLOCK 32

BLOCK 7                      BLOCK 16                  BLOCK 25         BLOCK 33

BLOCK 8                      BLOCK 17 & 18        BLOCK 26         BLOCK 34

BLOCK 9                       BLOCK 19                 BLOCK 27         BLOCK 35

BLOCK 10                     BLOCK 20                BLOCK 28         BLOCK 35 (cont)


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