Board of Directors, 2013


2013 NESNA Board of Directors


Interests: community gatherings; service to the community; natural resources of the neighborhood (trees, park landscaping, invasive plants)
Scott Carpenter 2010 602 Prairie Street 507-645-8501
Interests: Old Memorial Park and relations with Carleton
Grace Clark 2007 718 4th Street 507-645-6330
Interests: community gatherings; Old Memorial and Central parks
Paul Hager 2010 110 Maple Street 507-663-0267
Jerri Hurlbutt 2007 302 Maple Street 507-581-6162
Interests: networking to enhance community; relations with Carleton; preservation of older architecture
Ed Lufkin 2008 310 Maple Street 507-663-9022
Interests: Informing neighbors by e-mail or Web site anything of interest, including thank-you’s, alerts about pets, unexpected entertainment, cute pictures, civic news, street repairs, suggestions for improving NESNA
Andrea Robinson
Interests: relations with Carleton; skateboard park; Central Park
Rich Noer 2008 101 Winona Street 507-645-9222
Interests: relations with Carleton; Weitz Center events open to public
Bardwell Smith 2007 301 7th Street 507-645-7161
Interests: vitality of downtown Northfield; Weitz Center’s films & theater open to the public


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