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September 2014
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Coming Up at the Weitz Center


(Note: times and venues are subject to change.  Carleton recommends verifying before you attend: .)

Film (Weitz Cinema)

Fri., Sept. 20      8:00    Student Union Movie Organization: “X-Men: Days of Futue Past” (2014)

“The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.” (

Sat., Sept. 21     2:00    “X-Men: Days of Futue Past”

8:00    “X-Men: Days of Futue Past”

                         11:00    “X-Men: Days of Futue Past”

Special event (Weitz Commons)

Wed., Sept. 17   7:00    Constitution Day

President Poskanzer will introduce a video & speakers on the Constitution: State Rep. David Bly, Carleton Dems & Republicans, & more.

Lecture (Weitz 236)

Fri., Sept. 19      7:00    ”A Century of Warming and Change in the Arctic”

A lecture by Ken Tape, ’99, curator of “Then and Now” exhibition.  Tape, who received a B.A. from Carleton in Geology, is on campus during fall term to teach Climate Variability and High Latitude Ecosystems (Geology 310).

Reception (Perlman Museum)

Fri., Sept. 19      8:00    Opening reception for Fall exhibitions

Museum exhibitions (Friday, Sept. 19, through November 19)

Then and Now: the Changing Arctic Landscape

Pairing decades-old, large-format photos of Alaska’s Arctic with contemporary views from the same vantage points, sets changes in the northern landscape into stark relief.

Markers of Time

Works culled from expeditionary travels to the arctic and the tropics examine understandings of time and place.

Annual Picnic

A good time was had by all

at the annual NESNA picnic,  again held at the Weitz Center.   And again Carleton made a hit with the neighborhood by offering us the assembly room at the Weitz,  PLUS beverages and desserts.    These photos show Grace Clark handling the reception desk,  a view of the nice turnout,  a glimpse of Suzie Nakasian offering people something to think about,   and President Jerri addressing the crowd.   What a nice way to conclude another academic year!      Ed



Owlet Leaves the Nest!

Dick Crouter made this fine photo with his cell phone!    They seem to   be growing fast.     Thanks,  Dick——Ed

Additions to the Neighborhood Owl Family

We are grateful to Paula Lackie for this photograph.    We believe two owlets have been growing up in the tree at the corner of Oak and 1st Sts.,  and that the barred mother owl can be dimly seen behind them.    I know we’ll all respect their privacy.    Ed

A View of the Blood Moon from our Neighborhood

Actually,  the view was similar everywhere in the USA,  tho I don’t see how conditions could have been better;   a perfectly clear, chilly sky, with relatively little ambient light.   We’ll have three more chances to see such a lunar eclipse in the next 18 months;   isn’t that terrific?   This view was captured at the Carleton soccer field at 2:40 AM with a 400 mm lens, ISI 500, f4.5 @ 1.3 seconds.     Ed