A Feast for Eyes and Stomach

Here are some scenes from the annual NESNA picnic,   June 21, 2o15,  at the Weitz Center.    Enjoy this slideshow.    Ed

Pigeon Feathers

I thank my wife for putting this story together.

For several weeks in June,  this beautiful pigeon  was seen scrounging for food  between 3rd and 4th streets,  in Nevada and Maple yards.   On June 16  she stood for  6 hours on rocks in our home’s area well.   A photo of her revealed she had bands on her ankles.   We called various sources  to learn that pigeon bands meant she was a racing bird,  and was lost.    She was apparently dehydrated , unfed and not flying,  an easy  prey for hawks or owls.

She was caught and placed in a bin with grass, sunflower seeds and water while we tried to find a pigeon racing club person who would take her.

A man from Faribault,  who has a flock of racing pigeons,   gladly came   and picked her up.    He races birds in 100 or 400 mile races.   Below is a photo of this pigeon with   friendly chipmunk  taken  before the daring rescue.


Fifth Annual CVEC Film Festival

It’s coming again!

The 4th Annual Northfield Summer Film Festival

This year: “The Golden Days of the Hollywood Studios”

In cooperation with Carleton College, the Elder Collegium will present a series of four great films from the 1950s.  All are free and open to the public, on Tuesday evenings at 7:30, at Carleton’s Weitz Center cinema (Union and 3rd Streets), beginning on July 7.  Here’s the schedule:

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 7:  The Girl Can’t Help It (1956)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 14:  Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 21:  All That Heaven Allows (1955)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJuly 28:  The Searchers (1956)

Seminars: In connection with the above films, CVEC will again offer a course of seminars, each to be given at 9:30 the following morning and led by the presenter of the week’s film.  For more information, go to   www.cvec.org.

Our Friends, the Barred Owls

mother owl owletThe sunny view, on bottom, I take to be the female.   The fluffy smaller guy must be their owlet.  The third I believe is the male, being a bit smaller than the female.  I thank Sue Harper for finding the female for me, in the arboretum.   Ed

Weitz Center Calendar, June 1, 2015

Upcoming public events at
Carleton’s Weitz Center

(Note: times and venues are subject to change.  Carleton recommends verifying before you attend:
http://apps.carleton.edu/calendar/ .)

Film (Weitz Cinema)

Mon., June 1,  7:00    International Film Festival: “El escarabajo de oro” (2014)

“From its original multilingual, Spanish/Swedish title on, The Gold Bug, or Victoria’s Revenge is an exhilarating, distinctive mix of very different things. Part farce, part treasure hunt adventure, part film about itself, part road movie and part postmodern political treatise, it’s the kind of dangerous digital holdall into which its co-directors…have stuffed a bunch of interests and obsessions du jour. It shouldn’t work — but it does, and with some distinction. Confusion may be an option, but boredom never is…”  (Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter)

Museum exhibitions (end June 12)

Composite: Senior Art Show

Showcase for 14 senior studio art majors.

Sets, Series, Sounds: Selections from the Carleton Art Collection

Sound Design students compose soundscapes evocative of the pictorial places.

Note: this will be the last weekly Weitz calendar until Carleton classes resume in the fall.  We’ll announce any summer events with special emailings.  In particular, watch for the 4th annual Northfield Summer Film Festival in the Weitz Cinema on Tuesday evenings, July 7, 14, 21, 28.